Things to do to refrain from asking anything contrary to the Lord’s will during prayers

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An unorganized prayer may lead to a dismissive start and an unfruitful end. When praying, it is imperative that it should not be in contrast to the will of the Lord. And if that happens, the said prayer is only best as naught.

To avoid prayers contrary to the will of deity, a prayer should be in accordance to the Lord’s will. Below are some tips that would help a person come up with a fruitful and edifying plea before going to bed:

Create a praying atmosphere

Organize your room and make sure your surroundings are free from any elements that may cause rowdy noise that will destruct you in the course of your prayer. Remember, a clean environment will invite the spirit who will guide through your communication with the Lord.


After creating a praying atmosphere, take time to relax. A few minutes of relaxation will help you condition your mind and heart to say your prayer. Free your mind from any cares of the day and always bear in mind that you’re about to have a conversation with the Lord. Stay focused on what you are going to do.


Subsequent to creating a praying atmosphere and relaxation, take time to meditate. Ponder on the things you would like be included in your prayer. First think of the things that you are grateful for. Counting your blessings you received each day or in that day (to be specific) and naming them one by one would greatly help you think of the things you would like to be thankful of. Lastly, carefully reflect and organize in your mind the things you need to ask from the Lord. Ask for your needs and not wants.

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Tips to avoid the pride cycle in life

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Interestingly, one of the essential things to do to avoid the pride cycle in life is exercising the principles of humility. As the book of Ether says concerning those individuals who desire to come unto Him, He will show unto them their weaknesses that they may be humble and that His grace is sufficient unto those who humble themselves.

By some accounts, men tend to forget that their creator is showing them their flaws for the purpose of letting them know their standing towards Him. Based on the aforementioned verse quoted from the book of Ether, when deity shows men their weak points, it just goes to show that they’re coming unto Him, that they are still on track and not on the contradictory.

Another thing is prayer. A humble man is undeniably a praying man. The scriptures admonish that the devil does not teach a man to pray but not to pray. Prayer is one of the helpful tools against any powers that come from the opposition in every individual’s way.

It is one of the greatest blessings an individual may have during his mortal state here on earth. Moreover, through prayer, a person may be able to communicate with his heavenly father in the name of his redeemer. At any rate, this will help someone who is in need of comfort – those who are emotionally hurting – and understanding and strength to those who are struggling to overcome their weaknesses.

When weaknesses are shown unto those who come unto Him, prayer helps them unload the pain they might be feeling in the course of their trial. Because prayer is a communication between man and God, it gives understanding necessary for the fortitude of one whose desire is to come unto Him.

Lastly, exercising the principles of humility and being prayerful will help a person to exercise his/her faith and become optimistic towards the challenges of life. The scriptures say: “faith is to hope for things which are not seen but which are true”. Having faith is just like having hope for things you haven’t achieved yet but you know you can because of the great capacity the Lord gave you. It has been said, “Faith is the principle of power”.

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Ungrateful dogs!

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A couple of days ago, a friend of mine came up to me and recounted his devastating experience with their landlord’s pets, the dogs.

Months after, these tiny little puppies arrived. Its mother wasfavorably friendly. He could tell that its attitude is exceptional for it could easily make friends even with the other renters, however, in contrary; its puppies weren’t as they have grown up.

He wanted to make friends with them just like what he did to its mother, nevertheless, the more effort he does to carry out the desire to; the more offensive they are. Each day, he would offer them food to eat and water to drink just to introduce friendship to them. An act of service that would have them feel he cares for them, the same as to its mother. They are cute and cuddly that anyone who sees them would desire to hug them and be a friend to them.

Giving them something the best was what he would always wish for just for the purpose of getting along with them. Every freebie and food served was accepted wholeheartedly and brings happiness and joy to them. However, this act of kindness toward them was never felt by them, instead they considered him as their enemy and a friend when there is food served, if none, they will grant back the former.

Every time he leaves the house just for a small transaction outside, when he’d come back, they would give him an earsplitting bark coupled with an attack attempting to bite is what the dogs would always provide him as if he was a stranger who just came in for a visit insomuch that it would introduce him to hurting them instead. A treatment toward these pets that is expected to yield camaraderie between them wasn’t realized on when there is food dished up.

With this experience, I remember what Gordon B. Hinckley – the author of the book “Standing for something” – some of his 6 B’s on one of his addresses. However, I can only quote some of those.

Be Grateful
Unfortunately, there are people who tend to be like these ungrateful dogs that never acknowledges a person’s kindness despite of all the favorable goodness the latter tenders. Let us be grateful even to a single piece of rice we have on our bowls. Let us not portray the characteristics of an ungrateful dog. Let us be grateful!

Be Humble
Notwithstanding of the ungrateful dogs – metaphorically speaking – amid the economic crises nowadays, we should always be humble and never do the same to them. Instead, let us continue serving and give what is best for them. I remember the old adage, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”.

Be True
In all our undertakings, make sure you are doing it for the benefit of others and not to taking advantage from the latter for our own remuneration. Let it be in accordance with the standard of our Heavenly Father.

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Peace or Chaos?

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In the cold evening of February 2010 in Cagayan de Oro City, a business major student, passed by a street going to a food house to buy something for his dinner. on his way, he noticed a young woman picking up and opening one-by-one plastic bags filled with rubbish hoping not to get food from it, but cans to sell at PhP5.00 per kilo.

With her was her father, watching over her from a few steps away. He looked so exhausted, as if he was sick and hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Without hesitancy, he desired to continue the short conversation with her he started and that dialogue led him to information that they came from cotabato city, where they own a house and lot and farmlands.

Unfortunately, due to the on going war conducted against the country rebels, they left their possessions behind and for them, it’s no longer safe anymore to continue to dwell such a place with that condition. Moreover, the young woman said she does not have a mother anymore and that her father was the only one left with her while they were still at their place.

They preferred to leave and start up a new life to a place where they are uncertain concerning their way of earning for a living since they left their house and lot and farmlands where farming is the only source of their income in that very sense. However, they chose to relocate from Cotabato to Cagayan de Oro. For them, this was the best thing to do. They believe they can have a peaceful life rather than staying in Cotabato and jeopardizing their own lives due to continuous war.

Leaving our comfort zones for something better is not as easy as dropping something like it’s hot, it would entail sacrifice and courage to execute it. They showed love not to earthly possessions but peace over material things in the midst of commotion.

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Why cast pearls before swine?

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Why get drunk just to have the courage to do something professional? What do you think? And why cast pearls before swine?

One afternoon when a young father was leaving the house in a hurry going off to work and worried of getting late again for the 4th time around which will cause his job termination, their landlord called his attention for the latter wants to talk to him concerning bills considering the fact that they just paid out their monthly obligation as renters. Basically, their topic was all about money matters and finances which will involve decision making.

During their conversation, with his wife, he noticed that their landlord seemed to talk differently than any other casual conversations and discussions they’ve experienced with him with more serious and interesting topics than that day. Then he found out that the man they’re talking with was under the influence of wine trying to discuss things out with that condition a discovery made him decide to discontinue their discussion and resume in the next day.

When given the opportunity, he explained to his wife what led him cut-off the discussion and preferred to have it in the next day. Interestingly, one of the relevant reasons was the condition of the landlord. He was rushing to work and worried about getting to the workplace late for the 4th time around which may lead his job termination. For him, sitting down with a drunken lord discussing about money matters that involves decision making is just a waste of time that may lead to unfavorable outcomes to both parties.

Talking to a person concerning important matters who is under the influence of wine, is just like casting pearls before swine where they do not appreciate it for what they only need is food even rotten ones for them to get fed. And what they do to pearls? As what the savior said, “…They trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you”. However, there are also people who cast pearls before swine and ended up nothing good and got disrespect rather than the opposite. At the bottom line, when you cast pearls to swine, you will end up nothing but humiliation.

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Call Center Agents And their Health Implications

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The research attempts to investigate the work habits of the Capitol University Call Center Agents and their implications. Specifically, this research will attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the benefits of being a call center agent of Capitol University?
  2. How can call center agents keep updates about current events when they work in graveyard shifts?
  3. How is the individual’s health affected by being a call center agent of Capitol University?

The study used Herzberg’s two-factor theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Moreover, the study uses a descriptive method type of research as its design conducted inside the school vicinity in the Call Center which is physically located at the Corrales – Osmeña Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.

After some statistical treatments were applied, the study shows that Capitol University call center agents have some difficulties in managing their time. However, in conclusion, CUCC produce benefits favorable to its agents’ success most especially to the students of CU who are now working as agents. The researchers recommend continuous monitoring of agents’ English proficiency and communication skills; the CUCC decision maker should continue to keep track on the agents’ ability so the purpose of the center will not be defeated.


Call center, agents, health hazards, information technology


The researchers are grateful to the following individuals who made this research possible and their contributions:

Their research mentor Dr. Marites Khanser which they claim as the best research mentor in town for her continues guidance and prayer for the benefit of her students’ research fulfillment and safety. To their loved ones who were always there to help and back up. To all of you, Thank You Very Much.


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Managing a stress-free diabetes

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Having diabetes can really stress you out. What causes it, how to manage it, what to eat and what nots. Diabetes is a serious chronic illness that affects more people around us than we know of. It affects on how the body uses food that we eat which is broken down to glucose, which is our body’s main source of energy. Burning the energy needed for our body, it takes insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, to get the glucose to cells where it is used. However, having a problem on this process creates diabetes.

One who is affected with diabetes needs to be informed on how to use insulin in order to live a more productive healthy lifestyle. We need to have good resources to help in the fight of diabetes. Knowledgeable healthcare providers can help support the individual in his/her self-management in a quest to a better life with diabetes.

Managing diabetes can be helpful when you know what type of diabetes you have. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes or diabetes mellitus occurs when insulin production is absent. Its age at onset can occur at an early age or later, and one who has this kind of diabetes appears thin, greater thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weight loss, blurred vision and infections. The second type of diabetes is type 2, often called non-insulin dependent diabetes, the most common form of the disease. Insulin production is in its normal or abnormal levels. Occurs mostly in adults who were overweight, and its symptoms are similar to type 1 which is gradual.

One main goal in diabetes is keeping blood sugar levels near the normal range. People who achieve good control over their blood sugar levels feel better, have more energy, and are less prone to severe swings in blood sugar levels. Talking to your trusted healthcare provider about managing diabetes can help you more on achieving control over this. Proper diet, exercise and medications can greatly help re-stress your body and fully live a life with diabetes. So be sure to watch your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar readings and live a life worth living.

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